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Hospital 02:05
dying thief creeps thru sterile halls see pipes and cables as they line the walls burn the path until nothing's left clutch a mirror to a wretched breast cursed breath whispers from shattered tongue thru grinding teeth beneath the iron lung the virus grows thru sordid skin that burns the eyes awaken as the piston turns lost children that time may forget cast greasy grins beneath the moldy wet miasma, the stench of death from nowhere they came of life bereft lost children that time may forget cast greasy grins beneath the moldy wet
a dream of lips in the service i was standing in line all in pairs with dogs, moving slow but where is mine behind a long white can, people writing turn and time here comes a big rabbit by the neck he grabbed it brough back to my side the first lips on the list get kissed and the last in line is mine my dog lay battered, loyalty shattered these lips of mine trapped inside a husk i get no brain no neck that's it just blood buckets filled up my guts my nuts my piss stuck inside the sheath i get no push no shove all pulpit no tact at all just blood white rabbit meat on a hook they take they took they grabbed it pulled skin from bones just get off my back my lipstick i'm in deep shit kissing ass with both lips lips in the service
Death's Grip 01:41
i walk these paranoid streets alone at night pounding my fists against bricks looking for something to fight but these streets ain't mine and it's only a matter of time before the cold grip of death grabs me by the wrist again his time has passed this bastered flesh is rotting black my soul slips through the cracks i pass thru reality's gate as blackest light head over fist some sickening clash of future past is this like a will o the wisp my fingers turn and burn for this no rest but for the kiss of death a rush of fright the wall of flesh is open wide look in my eyes caressing the necrotic flesh of the afterlife broke on the knife lifeless lips kiss the grips that hold me so tight indentured to death these black lungs long for breath veins pumping mud, lust for blood
hands keep their fingers in their pockets please tongues keep razors behind teeth words that feed egos lonely and cold sad people with no soul it's so sad to say it's got to be this way while in the night i scream between my shadow and myself it seems that i must remain between what i see and what's in my brain eyes shoot rocks from the sockets with ease loose lips slide left and right as if greased talk to me talk to me if you wanna know (it's like pulling teeth) talk to me it's like pulling teeth psychically
Dirty Graves 00:48
kids are fucking on dirty graves drawing swastikas and spreading aids making love to divine's remains nothing's changed it's still the same nothing to me but dirty graves
bag body head running dead thru the thickets dragging its own bleeding spine mist thick as the mud from the spigot swallows the eyes and the mind in the castle of creeps like a freak in the keep bubbling breath drips from the lipless leg's mouth on a gaseous gushing wet night as this a kiss churning melted cheeks into shit plunges fingers deep in the cyst in the castle of heck like a bite on the neck cut the gates of twisting metal winding moats and bubbling flesh wall of bone and burning blood waste pus rushes plague gushing cum from the face bone throwing kiing of the creeps fucking leech sucking guts to prepare for the feast at the castle of creeps freak in the keep
Ugly Seed 01:49
i'd twist my head til i jerked my neck i lacked confidence lacked self respect they said i had to go and be some kind of man but i ain't sprung from the same cum that you think i am some punk with shitty luck stuck like a pig in the middle and it sucks no time to waste just kicking the can running around and filling up my hands decency is a minor priority i can taste on your face what is wasted on an ugly seed looks just like me
Fire 01:25
shattering glass lights a blackened path in this dream i'm visiting shadowed cracks beneath a blackened mass i hear a voice whispering and it calls me once again into the grave that fire haunts me through cracking tombs reveals a burning womb my hands and face blistering into a flame a voice without a name it waits again, listening and i can't look back that fire draws me nearer to a world of fears i can't get out from here
off the edge of cliff i tip my toes fifty people fifty woes in the mouth of the bull is a calico rose i can smell it so close time slips so quick no end to end like a möbius strip let's try to get you one of what you call a grip or just lean back and fall into the rift my moth's dry but my palms sweat mercury high as the heat gets we get closer hair stands on the horses neck from end to end of a galloping stretch too close to fit the breath blood pumps beating chest to chest out the next limbs locked we fall in the dance of death my mouth's dry but my palms sweat mercury high as the heat gets we get my tongue's dry but my palms are wet we're both wet as the heat gets we get
Sadist 01:02
i've given myself to lust i gave myself to greed i'm grinding my bones to dust and burning the hand that feeds you see god in a body called cleaner but what's want and need dogs bark dark sheets flow red in the mirror as if the mattress bleeds hungry sorry sex is heinous worm i am them so say yes sadist i've given myself to lust i gave myself to greed licking the plates of trust and kissing the glove that feeds lock jawed in the heat of a fever what's want and need lash of leash tolls death draws nearer so bury me hungry sorry sex is heinous worm i am them so say yes sadist?
man am i sick o walking suits with pricks born ungratefully blessed while shitting on the rest i'm not impressed get off my chest can't you help but question these lazy blind obsessions you turn your back so they stab it you hold it out and they grab it god dammit you give me sidewalk habit fencewalking fuck wanna run amok don't wanna leave but they wanna push their luck let em have it streetlight people fear no evil trouble inside i go outside god i love the street rock concrete to my feet to the sand and stone that raised me the sidewalk can save me god dammit i got a sidewalk habit
Communion 03:17
were ya born dead? me too i got skin you can see thru all my friends are dead and they knew what i'd seen was evil eyes of red i see two bloodstains that bleed thru sinking into stairs they eat who consume evil disease growing in me feeding memory living give it to me disease fill me my body it aches for me we're feeding a parasite breeding cold seething i'm peeling the ceiling hold on it squeezing the vine creeping sun weeping the false truth you're seeking don't stop feeling blood congealing communion squealing


released July 20, 2019

Josh - vocals
Nick - synths
Heather - bass
Mark - guitar
Bill - drums

All songs by QUITTER
Recorded & mixed by Jordan Romero
Mastered by Noel Mueller
Anno Cyberi LXXIII




QUITTER Baltimore, Maryland

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